Sylvain PETIT, born in the Cévennes mountains in 1993, grew up among the trees and quickly became passionate about instrumental practice. Following his baccalaureate in literature, in 2011 he went to the school of crafts in Quebec, Canada to follow a course in violin making. First meeting with a Master of the Baroque, Jean Crépeau, with whom he collaborates in the creation of lutes.

Back in France in 2014, he worked with Wolfram Neureither in Montpellier, where he learned the art of expressive and artistic violin making. At the same time, he settled his workshop at Le Vigan in the Cévennes to practice manufacturing, research and creation while continuing his collaborations. They then extended to Barcelona, ​​where he worked in partnership with the Vidal I Roca workshop.

In 2019, the workshop settled permanently in the city of Narbonne. Sylvain PETIT continues the manufacture of violins & violas, and establishes a partnership with the Brussels violin making, Belgium. Then begins round trips between Narbonne and Brussels. Here he learned efficiency and rigor, and only focused on the cello making. There he learned the skillful mix between the artistic expressiveness of the musical instrument, the texture of the wood and the rigor of mechanical design.

Currently, the workshop based in Narbonne produces local instruments for international musicians and offers a personnal instrument to satisfy the most demanding musician. It focuses on a design and a technique of creation close to what was used during the Cremonese golden age.